The Unit of Pediatric Endocrinology and Diabetes provides its services since 1995, under the supervision of Associate Professor Dr Maria Papadopoulou. During the last years it is situated at the ground floor of building B.


The Unit is currently staffed by pediatric endocrinology specialists (Dr Maria Papagianni, Dr Konstantina Kosta), pediatrician in training in Paediatric Endocrinilogy (Dr Kyriaki Tsiroukidou), fellow (Dr Alexandra Chatzi), dietologist (Anastasios Vamvakis), specialist nurse (Paraskevi Kapaltsidou) and pediatric phycologist (Stella Mina).


There is close collaboration between the Unit and the Endocrine Department of the Hippokration Hospital (Chief: Dr Marina Kita) not only regarding the diagnosis and treatment of special cases but also the transition of adolescents and young adults with chronic diseases from pediatric to adult medical care.


The Unit disposes special equipment including special anthropometric equipment and machine precision instruments for the determination of glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1c) and urine microalbinuria.
Activities of the Unit of Pediatric Endocrinology:

  • Endocrine Outpatient clinic (Monday 9-1am at the ground floor of Building D). Children and adolescents with disorders of growth, puberty, thyroid and adrenal function and endocrine problems generally are followed up
  • Diabetes Outpatient Clinic (Tuesday 9-1am at the premises of the unit). Children and adolescents with diabetes are followed up by the diabetes team
  • Childhood and Adolescence Obesity Clinic (Thursday 9-1am at the premises of the unit). Overweight and obese children and adolescents are followed up with the participation of dietician
  • Training of children and adolescents with type 1 Diabetes in insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring (Wednesday 9-1 at the premises of the Unit)
  • Diagnostic endocrine tests (Monday-Wednesday-Thursday at the premises of the unit)

The following PhDs are under completion: “Polymorphisms of vitamin D receptor in association with type 1 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome and obesity in children and adolescents in Northern Greece” by Dr Konstantina Kosta and “Cardiopulmonary function in obese children and adolescents with or without metabolic syndrome” by Dr Tsiroukidou Kyriaki.

Contact information
Tel +30 2310 892867
Fax +30 2310 992741