Pediatric Allergy Unit

The Pediatric Allergy Unit of the 3rd Department of Pediatrics started its function in 1979. It provides outpatient and inpatient services for children who suffer from various allergic disorders; it also admits children for food and drug challenges. The following laboratory tests and therapeutic interventions are performed at the Pediatric Allergy Unit:

a) In vitro tests: 1) total IgE, 2) specific IgE antibodies to various aeroallergens, various food allergens and several drugs, 3) antigliadin antibodies, 4) anti-tissue transglutaminase antibodies.

b) In vivo tests: 1) skin prick testing to aeroallergens and various food allergens, 2) autoreactivity test for patients who suffer from chronic urticaria.

c) Therapeutic interventions: 1) venom immunotherapy for patients with bee and wasp venom allergy, 2) anti-IgE immunotherapy.

The Unit staff consists of four doctors (chief: Dr Antigoni Mavroudi) and a laboratory assistant.