Our vision and mission are:

The pursuit of our Clinic is to relieve the pain of the sick child and his family from doctors who are trying "μη μεθ’ ηδονής προς χρήματα βλέποντας και περί την δόξαν"

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Paediatric Days 2019: Infections

20-21 September 2019
Olympic Museum, Thessaloniki

“Hoop of Life” workshop – April, 13th – Ionian Center

The 6th Workshop of “Hoop of Life” will take place on Saturday, April 13

5th hex 2018-2019

Download the files for the 5th hex 2018-2019

Team A – Wards – Auditorium – 2019

Team Α – Schdeule for Wards and Auditorium

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